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Shaveholder is a very elegant holder for shaving foam and shavers

No more shaving foam and shavers on the sink. Shaveholder, which you attach to the wall, is designed to store both shaving foam and shavers. Plus, it’s an interesting design product for your bathroom made of stainless steel.


Shaveholder is a elegant holder for all available shaving foams and will fit any shaver manufactured at the same time.


The shaving foam is too big and it is not always possible to position it so that it does not fall on the floor. Shaveholder solves this perfectly.


Shaveholder is made of stainless steel and therefore will not rust. Moreover, it will be a wonderful addition to your bathroom.


You can now buy it on our website It won’t be available in selected stores until 2022.


The most important thing.

How it is shipped. How long is the delivery?2021-11-03T14:48:41+01:00

So far there is only one way – through Zásilkovna (part of Packeta Group).

How complicated is installation on the wall, what materials does it go into?2021-11-03T14:47:55+01:00

Very simple. Just stick the Shaveholder on the wall with double-sided tape. If you want to be sure of firmly attaching to the wall, you can also use included screw and dowel.

What type of shavers can be hung in it?2021-11-03T14:49:16+01:00

We’ve tried every type of shaver available and they all fit.

What diameter shaving foam is the Shaveholder designed for?2021-11-03T14:50:22+01:00

99% of all shaving foams have the same diameter – 50 mm. Shaveholder’s inner diameter is 70 mm, so they all fit.

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